Why Cabinda?

Cabinda has a great need to rebuild and expand its infrastructure in order to increase its economic competitiveness.

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the Port of Caio, along with major ports in Luanda, Lobito, and Namibe will serve as a gateway to global economic opportunity—connecting Angola with the world. Cabinda is strategically significant as a regional hub, with the ability to serve neighboring Congo and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Cabinda is uniquely positioned to host the newest addition to Angola’s port infrastructure, as it will be able to alleviate congestion at other ports throughout Angola and the region.

The coastline of the Cabinda enclave is home to five potential sites that were considered for the port development. The site that will ultimately become the Port of Caio was selected based upon a number of key indicators, including geography, feasibility, and environmental impact among others.