Welcome to the Port of Caio Project, the new gateway to trade in Africa.

The world-class port facility, integral part of a new infrastructure program of the Government of Angola emerged out of a public-private partnership with the pioneer company Caioporto S.A., based in Angola. Once completed, the Port of Caio, together with the other existing ports in Angola, will redefine conventional notions of trade with Angola.

The new project is directly aligned with the plans of the Government of Angola to rebuild the national infrastructure and serve as a catalyst for regional and international cooperation through the implementation of maritime, rail, road and port transportation programs.

The port itself is strategically positioned north of the Province of Cabinda in Caio, with the initial phase of the project to include the development of the port infrastructure, a vast facility of nearly 150 hectares, which include marine structure and terminal facilities as well as industrial storage units and administrative and logistical offices.

The launch of Port of Caio will generate significant revenues for the region and serve as a key factor for the economic development and job creation.